How to Attract Mobile Search Engine Spiders

Why would you want spiders crawling all over your mobile website? Well, we're not talking about the creepy-crawly kind here; we're talking about search engine spiders. These are programs that 'crawl' the web looking for new content. They report back what they find to the search engines, and this is how they index you. In other words, once the spiders find you, the traffic starts rolling in. User Experience The way people use the mobile Web is entirely different from the PC Web. When you surf the Internet on your computer, you're sitting at your desk in a nice chair with a hot cup of coffee. Mobile Web surfers are on the bus, on the couch, walking, at work, and hopefully for our safety not driving. They're on the go and what this means is that they.
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Are You Ignoring the Mobile Market?

Are You Ignoring the Mobile Market? It’s Time to Start Paying Attention The mobile market is huge and it’s only growing. Sales of mobile devices are skyrocketing and some experts predict the mobile web may become THE web of the future. Unfortunately, lots of businesses are ignoring this trend and paying the price. Are you one of them? Let’s look at some stats. According to the firm Gartner Inc., mobile purchases will increase by 70% by the end of 2012. Late last year, reported that as many as 70% of small businesses still don’t have a mobile site. This means a staggering number of businesses haven't caught on yet. My Site’s Not the Mobile Type In the past, everybody thought that only certain types of sites needed a mobile version. If you were offering location-based services or services.
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Google Local Mobile Search

Google Local Mobile Search – Are You Taking Advantage of This Free Resource? According to Google, around 40% of web searches on mobiles include a location in them. People are looking for 'pizza in Pittsburgh,' 'Boston termite control,' or 'Dallas dentist.' This is because they use their mobiles to find local services. If you want them to find you, your business has to be there. Google has offered local search for mobiles since 2005. It works just like PC local search but with a few differences. The results are simpler and focus more on maps and driving directions. But as mobile searches have grown more popular and local keywords have been increasingly used in searches, it's now offering much more. The search engine now uses the GPS capabilities of smartphones to deliver location-specific results. Search results and.
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