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Google Local Mobile Search

Google Local Mobile Search – Are You Taking Advantage of This Free Resource? According to Google, around 40% of web searches on mobiles include a location in them. People are looking for 'pizza in Pittsburgh,' 'Boston termite control,' or 'Dallas dentist.' This is because they use their mobiles to find local services. If you want them to find you, your business has to be there. Google has offered local search for mobiles since 2005. It works just like PC local search but with a few differences. The results are simpler and focus more on maps and driving directions. But as mobile searches have grown more popular and local keywords have been increasingly used in searches, it's now offering much more. The search engine now uses the GPS capabilities of smartphones to deliver location-specific results. Search results and.
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Let’s Talk Mobile

Let’s Talk Mobile Society, on the whole, has become more connected than ever. In fact, sources like are reporting that by 2013, more people will be using mobile devices to browse the Internet than computers. And why not? Free Wi-Fi is easy to come by these days. Chains like Starbucks and McDonalds, even your local dentist likely offers Wi-Fi now!
With the availability of instant connectivity, people are spending more time away from home. What that also means is that we, as consumers, have become more accustomed to the idea of “instant gratification.” Are you, as a business owner, leaving money for your competitors by not capitalizing on mobile trends? Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website When potential customers are on the go, they are looking for easy to access information. They don’t want to go.
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