Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a way of connecting your website pages and content with your business’ photo and Google Plus account.
When potential customers search for keywords on Google, they will see your site’s results come up with author information. This author information will increase potential customer trust with your business, so that they are more likely to buy your services or products.

Something as simple as setting up Google Authorship will set you apart from your competition. Since users on Google search aren’t used to seeing the authors of websites, they will be impressed to see that your business has this feature up.
Connecting Google Authorship to your site will also connect your business’ Google Plus account. This will lead to more social interaction from potential customers as well as fans. Not to mention that Google ranks content with Google Plus authors higher than content without it.
In addition to increasing the click-through rate of your website from search results, Google Authorship will also increase the credibility of your business/website. Having a logo or face shot next to your website is going to make you a lot more credible than the other faceless website owners out there.
Google is a huge technology company, and a lot of business heavily relies on their search results for getting new customers. For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to fully integrate any solutions they create for users to boost their internet popularity.
Google offers local businesses Google Places, Google Authorship and Google Plus. Using all of these services together, instead of just one is going to insure that your business’ website is as successful as possible in getting visitors.
At Tangelo Mobile we offer services that setup all of these Google products together, so that we can maximize the efficiency of marketing campaigns. In addition to the services that we offer, we also stay on top of new Google updates. So we’re able to adapt your social accounts, Google Places and Google Authorship to remain on top of the game, and on top of your competition.