Explore Marketing Options
When small businesses and individuals first get started with online promotion, it may seem a little daunting. There are hundreds of techniques out there, but no way to really know which ones work without investing a lot of time and money into them first.
At Tangelo Mobile we’ve turned the “art of marketing” into an exact science that consistently yields the results you’re looking for. We’ve been able to do this by examining hundreds of campaigns over twenty years of working in the marketing business.

Whereas other marketing agencies might utilize techniques that are a “shot in the dark” and usually end up not being beneficial, we’ve narrowed what campaigns are the most effective for certain markets.
Tangelo Mobile does not take a cookie cutter approach to marketing and promotion campaigns. The first step of our promotion process is getting to know your business and your customers. This way we can create the most effective promotion campaign for your business’ needs.
Press Release
Our press lists are regularly updated and include hundreds of well-known press websites. The press lists are also categorized by markets, so that promotions are highly on-topic to your business. This insures that your money is well spent, and we’re not getting you press releases on media sites that have nothing to do with your business.

Press releases are beneficial for companies because they help increase publicity. We can manage many different promotion campaigns powered through press releases: including raffles, giveaways, news and other promotion techniques.

Email Campaigns
If you already have an email list built up, then we can help you turn those subscribers into customers through promotion campaigns powered by emails.
We’ve A/B tested many different email moods and lengths to pinpoint which ones are the most effective. So you can trust Tangelo Mobile can turn your email list into a profitable money source for your business.

In addition to running promotion campaigns for small to medium sized businesses, we can also collaborate with them on other marketing techniques. Our consultants are all knowledgeable in offline and online marketing, and can bring new ideas to any promotion campaign.

Social Media
Social media has grown ten-fold in the past couple of years and holds massive opportunities for businesses looking to expand. In fact, we’ve been able to grow many businesses’ client base exponentially through the use of social media.

Once a business starts promoting on social media, it will spark more interest in what they have to offer. This will in turn create more customers, and more social media fans. As this cycle continues to grow, the business will have more capital to invest in social media, which will yield even more customers.
We can manage campaigns across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with ease. In fact, we’re known for being highly effective when managing more than two social platform promotions. Utilizing Facebook and Twitter at the same time for example will yield more results than one social platform alone.

Tangelo Mobile adapts in any circumstance so that conversion rates can always be improved. It’s easy to succeed in one marketing niche, and then to fail in it years later, with no other options to turn to. Our advanced marketing plans insure that you’ve got a hand in all of the marketing platforms, and promotion techniques, so that if the market changes, your profits don’t.

Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, we can manage multiple campaigns at the same time. Tangelo Media’s staff has had decades of marketing experience. We’ve been able to adapt to the internet to boost our clients’ campaign conversion rates, and we’ll be able to adapt to anything else in the future.