Video SEO and Social Media

Video SEO and Social Media

Working to get your video shown not only on Google and Youtube, but across all social and other media is key in the SEO world. Social media has grown dramatically. There is Google +, Facebook,, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram and the list goes on. There are over 100 social media sites, but only the ones that get the most contributors will we be participating with.

Facebook alone has about 1 billion members. To get through that maze you need a professional – one who can help you get to your target audience.

Putting you at the top of the video chain as well as put you where you will be found in the Social Media world. We have spoken about SEO in other areas,, however, Video SEO for your video is not the easiest task. Your video may be fine with you, but it is fine for your target audience? We will look at it and see if it is appropriate for your clientele. If not, we will be honest and say so. There are thousands of styles of videos out there, and some catch your attention better than others. But video attractiveness is not all that moves you up. Things behind the scenes are what move you up – and if you get moved up and people see your video, but no one buys, then the video is at fault.

This goes for all Social Media as well. If you have a video that you want placed on all the main Social Media sites, we can do that. However, as the saying goes – you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.