Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO

This service allows your video either one we provide or your own to move up from where it is to page one of Youtube. Studies have shown that Videos increase purchase intent by 85%. Today, 70% of all United States Business to Businesses have some form of branded video on the internet. Videos make their way into blogsites, websites, emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, Pinterest places, Linked In groups and the like. Videos are everywhere, and they can get lost in the shuffle if you put one out there and let it ride. That is where Tangelo Mobile comes in.

We specialize in getting your video watched and acted upon. We put it where it will be seen. We know how to expose it, so you benefit and not be lost in the wasteland of Youtube or Google or any of the social medias. There are dozens of SEO companies that promise you everything. And they all charge you for every step they take.

Tangelo Mobile has one price for each product. And not a yearlong contract (to make sure you get moved up), only six months to ensure your movement is up.

SEO is an inexact science. Algorithms change all the time in the digital world. You need someone who can stay on top of those changes to make sure your video remains at the top of Youtube and Google. This is what we do. We know how to stay on top of the changes, we know how to move you up and we know you will be seen by far more than you are now being seen by, if you are seen at all.

It is said that no one goes past page 2 on Google. The same can be said for Youtube. No one goes past page 2 on Youtube as well. Tangelo Mobile will not let you stay past page 2 for very long, once you agree to our service.